About Liquid Lenny’s Golf Carts

My name is Mark Anderson aka Liquid Lenny, and I am owner/artist of Liquid Lenny’s Golf Carts.  In the past 20 years I have custom painted over 1000 golf carts, 900 plus cars, and 100’s of bikes. MARKANDERSONTWOGUYSGARAGEI personally created the custom graphics and custom colors, as well as painted the conversion vans and trucks that successfully sold at new car dealerships across the country through the 1990’s.  These vehicles were all brand new with 0 miles and were shipped from our shop to showrooms and car shows all over the country. If you own one of these vehicles, there is a good chance you will see my signature in the driver’s door.

Mark Anderson aka Liquid Lenny “I refuse to do shabby prep work or paint with inferior products”.

Liquid Lenny’s Golf Carts owns a High Quality Paint Booth, Large Shop, Chromobase Paint Mixing System, etc. My shop is currently located in Clearwater, Florida. I have earned many awards, and I receive an abundance of referrals. Please look through the photos and call me with your desired specifications. Be assured that all my jobs are properly prepped, masked, and painted. All paint jobs are done with base coat, clear coat with P.P.G., R.M.,Chromobase or DuPont  products, and are primed with high build 2K, and then re-blocked. My Airbrushing graphics are done with House of Color Kandies.

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